Creating aesthetically pleasing functional wood furniture is an outlet, a challenge, as well as a way to express ideas or opinions.  Making something not only gives the sense of accomplishment, but also can be a way to communicate about life.  I am constantly amazed by the incredible strength and beauty of wood, as well as wood’s embodiment of the timeless characteristics for a sustainable world– recyclable, renewable, and re-usable.  In today’s fast-paced technologically driven culture, what makes me tick involves creating quality yet affordable furniture that strives to resonate and remind us of light-hearted living, nature, as well as healthful and ecological ideals.

– Kimberly McNeelan


It all started with the playhouse furniture when I was a child.  The affinity for functionality meeting interesting forms progressed into high school ceramics classes, and at Purdue University I was finally introduced to a real woodshop.  The bandsaw nearly took a finger or two at Purdue while ‘blowing my socks off’ with the diversity achievable with such a tool and wood as the medium.  After graduating with all my digits intact, I worked at Marc Adams School of Woodworking.  Marc Adams School provided me with a lot of knowledge enforcing the phrase, ‘the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know’.  I was ready for some one-on-one training in a working furniture shop.  The Baulines Craft Guild provided an apprenticeship program that enabled me to work under the direction of Master Woodworker, Michael Cullen of Petaluma, CA.  The lessons learned at Cullen’s shop provided me with confidence, understanding, and a growing desire to make it on my own in the furniture world.  After deciding to start my own business, I moved into a woodworking studio in Bolinas, CA.  And so I became Kimberly McNeelan, Maker of Things.


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